We know the law and we operate within it to ensure the safety and security being priority of each flight.

Stuart and his team of pilots are fully licensed and compliant with the UK’s CAA laws regarding the commercial use of drones/SUA’s (Small Unmanned Aircraft not exceeding 20 kgs in weight).

We have drones that carry cameras dedicated to taking high resolution still photographs as well as shooting HD & 4K video.

Our aim is to offer our clients, the unique viewpoint that shooting from a drone allows, whilst staying within the law. We are not frightened to say no, when a request is made that could jepordise the safety of the flight or is deemed by our pilots be too risky. Careful planning will considerably reduce the risk of this happening and avoid disappointment.

We offer stand alone aerial filming days or a ground filming day upgrade rate, to include drone filming as part of a days filming.


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